PromoVerse Small Business Advertising

PromoVerse is the first mobile application that is strictly dedicated to small business advertising. We work one on one with small business owners to create an effective, strategic, and highly focused small business advertising campaign to engage consumers and turn them into loyal repeat customers.

-Steven Chiocchi., CEO & President, NJ Native

Take the Lead:

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PromoVerse is the number 1 solution for your small business advertising needs. We give your small business the edge it needs to beat the competition.

Small business advertising has never been so easy. PromoVerse will help you engage consumers and reach them at all times directly on their mobile device. Fully traceable analytics help you quickly discover effective promotional campaigns.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Turn new customers into repeat sales
  • Track demographics and promotional campaigns
  • Reach customers at all times on their mobile devices
  • Streamline your redemption process and save time/paper
  • Expose your small business advertising campaign to thousands of local consumers
  • Our sharing feature generates word of mouth advertising for your small business on Facebook and Twitter


Tired of Expensive Marketing Campaigns With No Results?

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Stop wasting money! Let us show you how our mobile small business advertising campaigns can replace print, web, and radio advertisements and help you gain new customers. PromoVerse allows you to be at your customers fingertips on a device they never leave home without.

PromoVerse can show you exactly what IS working and what ISN’T working by looking at raw data. Find out who your target audience is, where they are coming from, and quickly see what promotions are working best. PromoVerse small business advertising campaigns show you what your marketing efforts are producing.

Closing The Redemption Loop:

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The Redemption Loop is the series of steps and the time it takes a person to find your promotion, get to your business, and redeem the promotion of interest. Unlike GPS based check-in services, PromoVerse uses QR code scanning to ensure 100% accuracy. This means our small business advertising campaigns have traceable metrics, no fraudulency, and a streamlined service that uses the rapidly growing mobile market to expose your promotions to thousands of potential new customers. As a merchant, all current and new customers have to do is use PromoVerse to find your promotion, come in, and scan your code. Small business advertising has never been so easy.

Stick To The Facts:

  • QR code uptake has skyrocketed nearly 5000% from early 2010 to 2011-people love scanning these things!
  • There are 1.08 billion smartphone users in the world*
  • By 2014 more people will be using their mobile Internet rather than their computer*
  • Over 40% of business owners say they will not run a Daily Deal again**
  • 43% of smartphone users are expected to use their phone to download discounts, coupons, and sales info***

**Business Insider ***Deloitte

 Manage Promotions:

With our Manage Promotions page you are able to submit, modify, and remove any promotion in your small business advertising campaign. Updating your promotions often keeps customers interested in your business.

Use the Manage Promotions form to:

  • Remove old promotions/sales
  • Add upcoming sales
  • Modify a current promotion depending on its popularity

Once we confirm the promotion it will go live on the PromoVerse App.

Manage Promotions

Manage Profile:

If you need to change your business description or business hours, use the Manage Profile section to submit these changes.  Make sure you include your business phone, website or Facebook link, and your accurate business address.

With this info customers can quickly:

  • Call your business
  • Access your Website or Facebook link
  • Get directions to your location with our integrated Map feature

Get new customers by having all of your contact information right at their fingertips!

Manage Profile

So What Are You Waiting For?

See How PromoVerse Works

PromoVerse small business advertising campaigns are currently available on iPhone and Android devices in the following New Jersey cities: Somerville NJ, Morristown NJ, Clinton NJ, New Brunswick NJ, Frenchtown NJ, Lambertville NJ, Manville NJ, Somerset NJ, Branchburg NJ, Skillman NJ, Warren NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Phillipsburg NJ, Clinton NJ, Lebanon NJ, Princeton NJ, Raritan NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Green Brook NJ, Sayreville NJ, Lopatcong NJ, Belle Meade NJ, Milltown Nj, Dayton Nj, Califon NJ, Flemington NJ, and many more to come!

If you do not see your town here, please use our Contact Form we can bring PromoVerse to your New Jersey city next!