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How Does PromoVerse Work?

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FAQ For Business

IMPORTANT: Make sure your customers redeem your promotions by scanning your QR Code on the Redemption Sticker and ask your customers to share their redemptions. Also train your  employees on what to expect when a customer comes in with PromoVerse and how to assist the customer. The sections below will go over key points to address to your staff.

How do I sign up for PromoVerse?

To sign up for PromoVerse visit the for business section on our website: http://www.thepromoverse.com/index.php/small-business-advertising/ - and click “Try Us Free!”

Or Click Here to go right to the App Sign Up Form!

To request one of our representatives to help you create your account, assist you in designing promotions and/or help with training your staff please follow this link and fill out the request form. http://www.thepromoverse.com/index.php/contact/

How do I Activate My Business/Promotions?

 Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email.  From there you will be directed to a page where you will activate your business once you receive your Startup Kit in the mail. 

How do I change/add/remove my promotions?

 To manage your promotions click here for our easy to use form! 

What should my employees know/expect?

To make sure all customers scan your QR Code and you get your promotions shared on Facebook and Twitter it is important that all your employees are aware of PromoVerse and your promotions.  They need to know three (3) important steps:

1)      When a customer uses a PromoVerse promotion they need to scan the QR Code on your Redemption Sticker.

2)      After the sale the employee should simply ask, “Would you like to share our promotion on Facebook and Twitter to earn extra PromoPoints?”

3)      If a customer is not on PromoVerse already your employees should give the customers the orange QR Squares so they can download the app and save money at your location as well as other local merchants in your community.

If your employees do not know about PromoVerse it will decline the likeliness of PromoVerse helping your business gain new customers and repeat sales. Without your employee’s assistance the customer will not know how to redeem your promotions and will not be prompted to  “Share”  your business or promotion with their friends.

Why It’s Important:  We reward our shoppers with PromoPoints (our rewards system that allow customers to cash in on cool prizes, event invites, and exclusive deals) every time they redeem a promotion or share it with their friends. With this system, our shoppers are more apt to Redeem and Share giving your business additional exposure on social networks.

How do customers find my promotions?

Your promotions will be viewable to shoppers within a 50 mile radius of your business’ location. The first step for a customer to see your promotion is to click on the category that your business is listed under. Within each category, merchants will be listed from closest to furthest based on the shoppers current location. The closer they are to your business (in relation to other merchants that fall under the same category) the closer to the top of the application your business will appear. The closer a customer is to your business the more likely they will be selecting your promotions.

How do customers redeem my promotions?

When a customer visits your business they will present the promotion they intend to redeem (If you are running multiple promotions on our app it is important to see which one they want to redeem). To redeem the promotion the customer simply selects “Redeem Promo” on the bottom of the digital coupon. When they select “Redeem Promo” a QR scanner will open (within our app) which the customer will then align with the QR Code on the Redemption Sticker.  When the QR Scanner is correctly positioned over the QR Code the phone will scan the code by giving your business and the customer credit for the transaction.

Why It’s Important: When the customer goes to pay they must scan the QR Code on the redemption sticker we have provided. Without scanning this sticker we cannot tell you the results, the customer does not receive their PromoPoints and you are giving away your products with no documentation of the sale.

What is a Redemption Device?

The Redemption Device is how we will be able to keep track of how many redemptions you have received.  There are two different types of redemption devices available.  The merchants that are on the free version of PromoVerse will have a Redemption sticker on their counter tops by the register.  Customers using PromoVerse will scan the QR (Quick Response) code on either of these devices to redeem the promotions you are offering. Below is an example of what they look like:

sticker 150x150 FAQ

The other type of Redemption Device available is the Android Tablet.  This device is exclusively for merchants apart of the paid program.  An example of the Android Tablet can be seen below:

2 150x150 FAQ

How do customers share my promotions on Facebook and Twitter?

After a customer redeems a promotion they have the option to share their savings with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  The customer simply has to press the “Share” button and your promotions will be instantly posted to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. To get customers to share your promotions you should simply ask “Would you like to share your savings with your friends for additional PromoPoints?”

Why It’s Important: Having your customers share their redemption experience provides your business with word of mouth advertising on social media sites! This is the single most important marketing method you can use to increase your customer base and gain new customers. By having a customer share your promotion, your business is instantly exposed to the customer’s NewsFeeds and Timelines for all their friends to see.

How do customers visit my merchant profile?

If a customer selects your business and views your promotions they can see your merchant profile by selecting the “View Vendor/Location” button at the bottom of each promotion you run. If a customer likes your promotion but is unfamiliar with your business they can select this button to view your merchant profile. The merchant profile helps the customer contact your business by providing your business number, your website or Facebook as well as directions to your location.

How do I use PromoVerse for repeat business?

PromoVerse is a very powerful tool for gaining repeat sales. We provide you with all the materials you need to gain customers onto our application.  Here are three (3) methods to inform your current customers that you are on PromoVerse and are offering deals and savings.

1)      Pass out the provided QR Squares to anyone that does not have PromoVerse. Let them know that PromoVerse will help them save money at your location and other local merchants in your community.

2)      “Like” PromoVerses’ Facebook page and share your promotions with our current user base. This helps expose your business to our current user base.

3)      Click the link below for an example of how your email template should look in addition to standard PromoVerse images that you can include.  You can also request custom images for your email or newsletter campaigns. Let your customers know what specials you are running on PromoVerse to give them a reason to download PromoVerse.

Click Here for a Sample Email and images

Why It’s Important: The more you mention PromoVerse to shoppers the more your entire community benefits. Merchants can help each other by gaining users on the app that will in turn create a new customer for your neighbor and vice versa.  

Be ACTIVE and help support your neighbors as they help to support you.

If you need any assistance adding PromoVerse to your newsletter or email campaign please give us a call or send us an email.  We are more than happy to help!

FAQ For Shoppers

IMPORTANT: Make sure you scan the QR codes to redeem the promotion! Earn extra PromoPoints by sharing the promotion or merchant with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

How do I download the app?

To download the app with your iPhone visit your App Store and type “PromoVerse” into the search bar. iPhone Users Click Here!

To download the app with your Android device visit the Google Play Store and type “PromoVerse” into the search bar. Android Users Click Here!

PromoVerse is a product by The Areli Group

How do I register?

When you open PromoVerse for the first time you will need to register to use the app. To do so, look for the button that says “Register” on the top of the screen. For iPhone users it will be on the top left and for Android users it will be on the top right.  After you select “Register” you will be prompted with a screen that asks for a valid email address and to create a password. Fill out the form and press “Submit”. After submitting you will be able to use the app immediately.

You can also choose to connect with Facebook. Click “Connect with Facebook” and enter your Facebook Login info.

How do I find promotions?

To find a promotion you will need to select a category that fits your shopping mood. After selecting a category, merchants will be listed from closest to furthest based on your current location. Next to each merchant is a blue box with a number in it, this represents how many promotions that merchant is currently running. After selecting a merchant you will see a list of all their promotions. Tap the promotion you want to redeem, and you will be brought to the digital coupon.

How do I redeem promotions and earn points?

When you redeem promotions you earn PromoPoints which can be cashed in later on for exclusive promotions, event invites, and prizes. To redeem the promotion you are viewing you need to press the “Redeem Promo” button just below the digital coupon.  Upon selecting this button a QR Code Scanner will automatically open on your device and will be ready to scan the merchant’s QR Code on their Redemption Device. This is a round sticker that will be located near the register of the merchant you are in. Simply align the box on the on the QR Scanner with the merchant’s QR Code and wait until your phone scans the code.

Make sure you scan the code to earn your points and redeem your promotion!!

What is a Redemption Device?

The Redemption Device is what you will scan when redeeming the offered promotions.  Merchants will have the Redemption Device setup on their counter tops by the register or in their check presenters.  There are two different types of Redemption Devices, most businesses have a Redemption Sticker. Other businesses may have an Android Redemption Device in which the QR (Quick Response) code is featured on an Android Tablet.  Both devices work the same, when you are ready to redeem the merchant’s promotion, scan the QR code featured on the device. Below is an example of what they look like:

sticker 150x150 FAQ

An example of the Android Tablet can be seen below:

2 150x150 FAQ

How do I know I successfully redeemed a promotion?

After you redeem a promotion a pop-up will appear saying “Congratulations!” If this does not appear or it says “Redemption failed” then you did not successfully scan that merchant’s QR Code.

How do I share my savings with friends on Facebook and Twitter?

Before you are able to “Share” any redeemed promotions or merchants with your friends you must first log into your social media accounts.

For iPhone Users- In the “Category” screen there is a gear icon in the top left corner. Tap on that to log into your Facebook and Twitter account.

For Android Users- Go to the promotion you would like to redeem and tap on the Facebook and Twitter icon. By doing so you will be prompted to log into your respective social media accounts.

After you redeem your promotion you can share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter for additional PromoPoints. To share a promotion you just redeemed simply hit the “Share” button right below the “Redeem Promo” button. A highlighted icon represents a social media site you want to share your promotions on. Tap on either icon to deselect it.

Our sharing feature helps you brag to your friends about your recent savings and where you have been. You also earn rewards points that you can cash in for cool prizes, event invites and exclusive promotions.

What are PromoPoints?

PromoPoints are rewards points you earn after each redemption and when you “Share” your savings or the merchant with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to redeem your promotions by scanning the vendors QR Code to earn PromoPoints for your redemption.

As we update PromoVerse, PromoPoints will evolve into your favorite rewards system! We will be offering various options ranging from great prizes and event invites to even more exclusive promotions!

We are currently running monthly contests for the shopper that redeems and shares the most promotions.