About PromoVerse

PromoVerse (a combination of Promotions and Universe) is a GPS based application for mobile devices, specifically smartphones.  Consumers are able to browse through various categories, viewing merchants and their promotions from closest to furthest depending on their current location.  Shoppers using PromoVerse have a wide variety of promotions including food, nightlife, beauty, clothing, wine and spirits, shops, services, health, and entertainment. Each promotion redeemed earns the shopper PromoPoints. The shopper also has an opportunity to earn more points by “Sharing” the deal or merchant with their friends or followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Created by Steven Chiocchi, founder and CEO of PromoVerse started as a way to order food from your device, which quickly evolved into a way for merchants to directly connect with consumers. It was apparent that independent merchants needed a competitive edge in their local market against national companies and franchises.

PromoVerse launched on April 28, 2012 and is currently beta testing in New Jersey and select areas of Pennsylvania. In December 2012 PromoVerse most recently expanded into Bethlehem, PA.


As founder Steven Chiocchi was working in retail selling mobile phones he realized the market for mobile applications was exploding and decided to create a smartphone app. He set out to create a mobile platform where smartphone owners would have the ability to order food directly on their mobile device.  After realizing the high equipment costs to get started, Steven quickly pivoted his strategies.  While doing some research he saw an untapped market for independent businesses. While national companies and franchises were producing apps that included their latest promotions, incentives, exclusive discounts and more, independent business owners lacked the exuberant marketing and advertising budget that many of the big box companies had.

He decided to act upon this opportunity and created  ”Green Coups”. Steven and his step brother Bill Mangino designed the initial logos and wire framed the application.  One day, while helping a customer with a purchase,  he overheard one of his customers  talking about investments during a phone conversation. When he was finished, Steven told the gentleman about his concept for a mobile application, and two weeks later he was able to get an initial angel investment.

At this point Steven brought in one  his best friend and roommate Alex Barton to help with research and development. “Green Coups” quickly transformed into PromoVerse, a world filled with all things promotional. The goal was to house all independent merchant’s promotions and deals all in one easy to use mobile application. As Steven, Billy and Alex started to gain traction developing the app, they started to grow their core team.  Kyle Marino, a mutual friend who used to write with Steven was brought in to do the copy and marketing in addition to fellow friend Joe Kappus, a technological genius also joining the team. Andrew Purzycki and Ryan Passarelli joined the team soon after for data, sales, and marketing.

Originally, PromoVerse offered a paid application for merchants to list all their promotions, events and coupons. After successfully signing the first few clients the team discussed the opportunity for exponential growth and decided to make PromoVerse a free platform for local merchants to advertise on. With that pivot came great success as over a hundred businesses became involved before PromoVerse launched.

PromoVerse Launches in NJ

On April 28, 2012 the PromoVerse Mobile Application launched in Princeton, NJ during the annual Communiversity Day. The crowded street fair proved to be a great place to demonstrate the application and direct people to download PromoVerse.

Geographic Markets

PromoVerse currently serves central New Jersey, western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. On April 28, 2012 PromoVerse launched in Somerset County and Mercer County New Jersey. Since its launch the company has expanded to Morris, Hunterdon, Middlesex and Warren County in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania PromoVerse currently operates in Northampton, Bucks and Lehigh County as of December 18, 2012.


PromoVerse currently has iOS and Android applications. Users can access PromoVerse on iPod, iPad, iPhone and all devices running current Android operating systems.

The Team

Steven Chiocchi – Founder and CEO of PromoVerse
Alex Barton - Technology
Joe Kappus -
Kyle Marino
Marketing and Sales
Ryan Passarelli - Marketing and Sales
Andrew Purzycki – Data Analysis
Billy Mangino – Graphic Design